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We reflect nature to life and life to analytical solutions…

Doruk Peyzaj, with the advantage of being a producer and importer company, has adopted the principle of developing the high quality it has achieved with its experienced staff in indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, with the satisfaction of its customers.

As Doruk Peyzaj, our technical team, which transforms production into quality, combines advanced techniques with its experienced employees and establishes a modern production. The most important reasons why we are preferred; is that we are a complex business and we offer the products and services in the business at the best prices.

Our company; Since its establishment, it has gained the reputation it deserves and has become a prestigious business by providing uninterrupted service with its outstanding effort and devoted employees.

Our History;

Our company was established in 2001 for project and application purposes. It aims to be the best in its sector by incorporating sapling production and marketing units in 2006. As Doruk Peyzaj, we have been continuing to develop our import, export and production activities since 2006. PRODUCTION AREAS operate in Bursa Orhangazi and Ankara Gölbaşı, and our showroom area operates in Ankara İncek. Our company includes imported and domestic, indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, certified fruit saplings, garden market products and decorative landscaping materials.

Our Aim:

To provide customer satisfaction and continuity by combining the trust we provide with principled, reliable, honest and effective customer relations, environmental and human-friendly approaches with the satisfaction of our suppliers and employees.

Our Working Zones ;

Mass Housing Areas and Sites

Home and Villa Gardens

Shopping malls

Terrace Gardens

Parks and Green Spaces

Hotels and Resorts

Sports Fields and Complexes, Design and Applications.

The secret of our success in practice is in discipline and respect for our work. With a modern understanding, rich product range, strong team and equipment, we are able to successfully handle all works from small to large.

Our Services;

Imported, Domestic Outdoor and Indoor Ornamental Plants Marketing and Application

Project and Applications

Roll Grass and Lawn

Wooden Park and Garden Accessories

All Kinds of Garden Equipment

Decorative Natural Stones

Grafted, Dwarf, Semi-Dwarf Certified Fruit Saplings

Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer Types

Imported Peat, Vegetable Soil…

Our aim is to make the spaces of your dreams come true,
to create quality spaces that are friendly to nature.

We beautify your life and your environment...